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Delivery at Work


Delivery at Work




A service designed to interact with the customer: Personal delivery to workplace

As the name of this service indicates, this service is available for delivery of the packages to the recipient’s place of business.


Among all the features, this service includes delivery of the package to the particular person in his/her workplace. In fact, according to the information you give to our experts, you can request a delivery to companies in turkey or anywhere in the world and be assured that your parcel will be delivered to that particular person.

It should be noted that to use this service, while contacting a BIREEX LOGISTICS office, you should notify your relevant expert to use this special service so that they can take appropriate actions to process the shipment. This service is available for both domestic and international shipments for our dear customers. In this type of service, BIREEX LOGISTICS registers the name of the receiver so that you can be assured your package will be delivered to that particular person even in big companies.



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