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BIREEX LOGISTICS is well aware of the fact that every industry requires logistics. It, thus, provides exclusive integrated logistics services to all industries – in particular to automotive, FMCG, healthcare, retail/textile, e-commerce, industrial, and electronics.



BIREEX LOGISTICS offers country-based local and international solutions and storage area solutions, providing finished vehicle logistics services from order to delivery. It develops industry-specific solutions for the logistics requirements of automakers and supporting industries. It, also, models the storage and distribution systems required to achieve an effective distribution network which is set up for after-sales support and parts marketing.

Advances in products and new technologies drive BIREEX’s fast, effective logistics infrastructure to constantly evolve in alignment with the changing requirements of the automotive industry.

BIREEX LOGISTICS considers speed, quality, and cost-efficiency as the most essential factors in logistics activities. The firm employs enhanced Intermodal transportation models to deliver optimal solutions and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

BIREEX LOGISTICS Stands Out in Finished Vehicle Logistics

BIREEX LOGISTICS draws on its operational excellence, flexibility, robust IT infrastructure, and wide international distribution network to develop solutions for domestic and international transport and warehousing – ensuring complete logistics services from order to delivery.


Just-in Time

Automakers handle many different products from various providers. Timely distribution to the production line is critical. Such pressure, combined with the hustle of processes and procedures, make logistics management crucial. BIREEX LOGISTICS’s logistics solutions are tailored specifically to the automotive and spare parts industry to ensure peak efficiency in process management.

Furthermore, BIREEX LOGISTICS models warehousing and distribution systems to fit customers’ changing requirements. These systems are required to boost the efficiency of the spare parts distribution network established for aftermarket support and spare parts sales.



In order to assist customers to boost their productivity in a sustainable manner, BIREEX LOGISTICS renders services to public and private business partners in the industrial and infrastructure fields. BIREEX LOGISTICS handles industry-specific supply chain flow as a whole, monitoring product, document, and information flows, and eliminating any gray areas during transition between service units.

In order to assist customers to increase their productivity in a sustainable manner, BIREEX LOGISTICS renders services to the public and private industrial business partners.

In the industrial field, supply chain is becoming global, production and assembly tasks are being contracted out, and the pressure on order delivery deadlines is increasing. BIREEX LOGISTICS proposes single-point management of the entire supply chain flow. It offers an opportunity for tracking product, documents, and information flows – and thus, uncertainties arisen from removing transitions between service departments.

Solutions Exclusive to Business Partners from BIREEX LOGISTICS

BIREEX LOGISTICS strives to provide business partners and customers’ business partners with more personalized products and parts through its CRM program. With fast solutions offered to business partners, BIREEX LOGISTICS replies to requests and suggestions rapidly and in the most effective manner. The interface applications developed with the business partners allow systematic tracking.

Warehousing Solutions

  • Production support
  • Picking and packaging parts
  • Inventory management
  • Supplier management
  • Material inspection and quality control
  • Value-added services
  • Warranty claims
  • Leading logistics provider services (LLP)
  • Warehouse goods receiving checks

Distribution Solutions

BIREEX LOGISTICS offers the following solutions to model the distributions which companies convey to their dealers or retail sales points as part of after-sales operations:

  • Distribution with shared networks
  • Dedicated distribution
  • Seamless customer services support
  • Reverse logistics (return logistics)


Retail / Textile

BIREEX LOGISTICS designs and develops tailor-made logistics solutions from the provision of raw materials to the delivery of end products to store shelves in the fast-track fashion and textile industry. It offers integrated logistics services and is rapidly expanding its distribution network to leading retail brands in the industry such as hypermarket groups and technology store chains.

Retail / Textile

BIREEX LOGISTICS designs and develops tailor-made Logistics solutions in the fast-track fashion and textile industry. We take our customers’ requirements into account every step of the way, from the provision of raw materials to the delivery of end products to store shelves. With its strong distribution network, BIREEX LOGISTICS offers integrated logistics services to leading retail brands such as hypermarket groups and technology store chains.

Value-added Services for Retail and Textile Industry

BIREEX LOGISTICS meets all customer expectations by providing value-added services, including ironing, adding special cards, notes or warranty, labeling, shrinking, quality control, gift-wrapping, adding user manual, and barcoding, which are needed in the retail and textile industries.


BIREEX LOGISTICS Services Enhances Competitiveness in the Retail Industry

As part of its distribution services, BIREEX LOGISTICS consolidates various food, non-food, electronics, and textile products received from different suppliers throughout the day. It distributes the items to the markets and stores with the highest vehicle capacity ratio to assist them to be more competitive.

The company renders domestic collection services, picking up items from the suppliers’ production centers and warehouses to meet different needs and demands. In addition, BIREEX LOGISTICS utilizes its extensive organization network to offer reverse logistics, and transfers between markets and stores by collecting returned products from these locations.

Warehousing Solutions

  • Goods receiving on/off pallets, on hangers (textile)
  • Shelved storage
  • Order picking and consolidation in boxes
  • Value-added services (labeling, alarm setup, pilling)
  • Inventory management
  • System registration
  • Reporting

Distribution Solutions

  • Goods receiving
  • Labeling
  • System registration
  • Optimization
  • Reporting
  • Domestic collection
  • Distribution with high vehicle capacity ratio (on hangers or pallets)
  • Reverse logistics (return logistics)

BIREEX’s Tailor-made Textile Industry Solutions for the Process Extending from Raw Material Purchase to the Store

With fierce competition in the textile and fashion industries, it is crucial to have the right product in the right place at the right time in order to get ahead of the competition. BIREEX LOGISTICS develops tailor-made solutions by managing all of the logistics operations, from raw material sourcing to product delivery to store shelves.

The company plays a critical role in assisting its customers to concentrate their efforts on logistics to sales thanks to high standard solutions such as returns management and other reverse logistics services, which can make the difference between a product being sold or not.


Special Warehousing Technologies for Textile Products

BIREEX LOGISTICS employs automation systems which move, store, and sort the products on hangers in line with the order, and bring them to the shipment area. These systems reduce the storage and handling costs of garments on hangers, while ensuring 100-percent order accuracy.

Pick-to-light order picking systems are only one of the technologies utilized in warehouses. These systems show the number of products to be picked up from a certain address on a LED screen, and next display the collection process result on the system via on-board buttons.

BIREEX LOGISTICS utilizes automatic sorting systems designed to serve various storage units in order preparation and return handling operations in textile warehouses. It utilizes technological equipment such as RF hand terminal, a tool that assists staff to receive orders and to enter completed tasks into the system.
 The elevator system inside allows vertical product storage making use of independently-moving platforms, ensuring the highest storage volume. The vertical elevator system fetches the products to be collected to the operator – in turn reducing walking distance and saving time.

Warehousing Solutions

  • Receipt of Raw material and auxiliary materials from local and international supply locations, and quality control and delivery to manufacturers
  • Quality Control
  • Receipt of Finished goods and counting based on SKU
  • Handling transit trade goods and store-based sorting
  • Collection and packaging distribution dispatch orders
  • Inventory management
  • Value-added services

Distribution Solutions

  • Preparing the goods at the distribution center for delivery to the customers’ dealers or to retail sales locations
  • Distribution with shared networks
  • Dedicated distribution
  • Seamless customer services support
  • Cross-docking
  • Reverse logistics (return logistics)

BIREEX’s Exclusive Supply Chain Solutions for FMCG

BIREEX LOGISTICS handles the supply chain structure required by the FMCG separately from other industries. BIREEX LOGISTICS has become a vital solution partner for global giant FMCG customers in increasing their market share with its cutting-edge technology solutions and investments exclusively designed for fast-moving consumer goods, and with solutions which add value to the supply chain from the raw material procurement stage to the delivery of the order to the store’s shelves.

Warehousing Solutions

  • During Order-Preparation with High Output Capacity
  • Finished product management per SKU
  • Raw materials management
  • Production line start/end management
  • Bonded warehouse and customs clearance services
  • Inventory management
  • Packaging, promotion development, and other value-added services
  • Real-time online tracking of all processes

Distribution Solutions

  • Delivery of shipment-ready orders to customers’ distributors, chain stores, or other retail sales points
  • Distribution with shared networks
  • Dedicated distribution
  • Cross-docking
  • Reverse logistics (return logistics)
  • Milk-Run
  • Real-time online tracking of all processes


BIREEX LOGISTICS develops effective and creative solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers and importers, medical companies, pharmacy distributors, hospitals, and companies which produce animal health products. It offers customized, integrated models for international transportation, bonded and non-bonded warehousing, customs clearance, value-added services, and local distribution. It transports and stores the products under GMP and GDP conditions from start to finish.

BIREEX LOGISTICS Develops Effective and Creative Solutions for the Health Industry

BIREEX LOGISTICS develops effective and creative solutions for various healthcare industry players such as pharmaceutical manufacturers and importers, medical companies, pharmaceutical warehouses, and hospitals.

Single-Point Communication

The company provides customers with integrated and uniquely modeled international transportation, distribution, bonded and non-bonded warehousing solutions, value-added services, and customs services for human medicines, medical devices, eye health, and raw material product groups with its health facilities in Turkey, Hungary, and Ukraine.

During the process, products are transported and stored under GMP and GDP conditions from start to finish.

BIREEX LOGISTICS centrally manages processes, including final process management, detailed reporting, real-time online operation tracking, customer complaint management, invoicing and all other customs document preparation, product receipt preparation in a bonded warehouse, order management, collect-and-package operations, fee collection, value-added services, and return management. In this manner, it establishes single-point communication with customers, achieving time and cost savings.






Animal Health


Medical Device


Vision Care


Row Materials

BIREEX’s Advanced Technology Practices in the Health Industry

A pharmaceutical warehouse representative license owner for warehousing, distribution, and value-added services, BIREEX LOGISTICS carries out exemplary projects with effective quality management systems practices. Superior warehousing and distribution standards are bolstered by high facility standards and storage conditions, as well as by advanced technology practices.

Pharmaceutical Companies

The company plans project-specific international transportation, customs clearance, bonded warehouse, pharmaceutical warehouse representative management, secondary packaging, and distribution services for pharmaceutical warehouses and importers. It also offers process-specific solutions such as urgent product delivery and simultaneous stock out product delivery to customers.

Hospital Logistics

BIREEX LOGISTICS performs studies to identify issues and areas of improvement in all logistics processes, ranging from the procurement of medicines by hospitals, and medical and non-medical products to order procedure and patient billing. In addition, it creates exclusive solutions to elevate the resources to a reasonable level, which hospitals require to allocate for logistics issues.

Pharmaceutical Warehouses

BIREEX LOGISTICS provides pharmaceutical warehouses with the high-quality product distribution services which the industry demands. It dispatches products to pharmaceutical warehouses without any errors, thanks to its distribution network which is structured in a manner that emphasizes its product tracking and process monitoring capability.

Medical Companies

BIREEX LOGISTICS provides effective inventory management with the most appropriate storage methods for diverse medical industry items. In particular, it actively monitors and reports on product logistics processes by utilizing the systems it has developed for the consignment sales method – one of the most serious challenges in the industry.

International Pharmaceuticals Tracking System

BIREEX’s experience and expertise in top-to-bottom serialization (tracking and monitoring) operations allow it to provide significant support to the multinational pharmaceutical companies which follow the program.

BIREEX LOGISTICS shares its experience, information, and know-how of the international implementation process of this application (particularly in the U.S.), which was launched in Turkey for the first time in the world with BIREEX’s support.


Quality Management Systems

An industry-seasoned, facility-specific quality assurance team inspects and ensures the compliance of BIREEX’s health industry services with GMP/GDP conditions and health ministry regulations. Each facility has a dedicated pharmacist manager and a quality assurance team.

As part of its quality management systems, BIREEX LOGISTICS implements GMP/GDP-compliant pharmaceutical warehouse quality assurance management, temperature and humidity tracking systems management, pest control management, validation processes (computerized system validation, equipment qualification, area validations, transfer validations), a web-based customer complaint tracking system, and integrated facility management systems (smoke detectors and fire safety systems, emergency alarm systems, security systems) in the facilities. BIREEX LOGISTICS  boasts special areas for temperature control, provides cold-chain storage and shipping for the health industry, and organizes training and internal audits for their personnel.


BIREEX LOGISTICS develops industry-specific integrated logistics services for electronics products, support accessories, tele-communication, office machines, and consumables. The company offers bonded warehousing, customs clearance, spare parts storage, finished goods storage, distribution, reverse logistics, promotion kit preparation, packaging, and inventory management.

Integrated Electronics Industry Logistics Services

BIREEX LOGISTICS develops industry-specific integrated logistics services for electronics products, support accessories, telecommunication, office machines, and consumables. The company offers bonded warehousing, customs clearance, spare parts storage, finished goods storage, distribution, reverse logistics, promotion kit preparation, packaging, and inventory management.

BIREEX LOGISTICS collaborates with leading electronics industry companies, and constantly develops and improves its service quality in line with advancing technology according to the requirements of current and potential customers.


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