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With the largest and most modern fleet in Europe, BIREEX LOGISTICS renders logistics services for partial- and full-load transportation between Europe, America, Asia, and Middle East. BIREEX LOGISTICS maintains a high standard when it comes to technology, and invests in technological infrastructure with an innovative mindset.

Transparent, High-Quality, and Reliable Services

BIREEX’s services are transparent, high-quality, and reliable thanks to its extensive service network, global agency network, operational and industrial expertise, customer-oriented solutions, knowledgeable teams, order management systems, forwarding capacity, and eco-friendly modern fleet.

Our continuously improved order management systems promote efficiency in operations while providing customers with accountable, transparent, and easily-tracked services.

Freight Models

Taking into account the criteria such as transit time, tonnage, and product characteristics, BIREEX LOGISTICS offers land, cold chain, Ro-Ro, and intermodal transportation solutions. BIREEX’s tailor-made solutions come at flexible prices thanks to an extensive and eco-friendly fleet of tow trucks which meet EURO 5 and EURO 6 standards.

Our flexible, time-saving route planning and smart solutions guarantee top service standards, efficiency, and quality.




Road freight is a lean model; products are transported to BIREEX LOGISTICS transfer centers and then to the targeted points, all by road.

This method also makes it possible to collect and consolidate products at transfer centers and deliver them to the desired destinations in line with import – export procedures.


BIREEX’s time-efficient solutions include small-volume or speedy vehicles, offering the advantages of air-freight.

Cost-Efficient Services for Low-Volume Freight

BIREEX LOGISTICS strives to meet the requirements and expectations of its customers with special delivery periods of time for special shipments without the necessity to rent a complete vehicle. With a capacity of approximately 4 tons per vehicle, Speedy is a rapid, cost-effective solution.





Temperature Controlled Transportation

Whether it is just one or 1,000 pallets, BIREEX LOGISTICS provides the most convenient services to customers in all European countries, American countries, Asian countries and Middle East for temperature-controlled transportation with precise needs between -25°C and +25°C, thanks to its sound infrastructure and special refrigerated transportation fleet.

BIREEX LOGISTICS successfully operates partial and full load transportation services on trailers in accordance with the variable temperature requirements of customers in the food, health, and chemical industries. Computers monitor the temperature inside the trailers during transportation.

BIREEX LOGISTICS Provides Diverse Transportation Functions

BIREEX LOGISTICS offers services to a wide variety of industries with its vehicles equipped with tents, double-decks, hangers, insulation, and special brakes, in accordance with the diverse transportation functions. 








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