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Intermodal transportation is the method of transporting freight to more than one location utilizing multiple modes of transportation without handling the freight when changing modes. Intermodal transportation uses special trailers which allow the goods to be switched from one transportation mode to the other – while eliminating the necessity for the freight to be removed from the trailer.

Efficient, Fast, Low cost, and Environmentally Friendly

BIREEX LOGISTICS set itself apart with its service quality by offering efficient, on time, low cost, and environmentally friendly transportation of goods between destinations. It employs a variety of intermodal transportation methods.

The Intermodal Experience

BIREEX LOGISTICS combines transportation modes for maximum efficiency, simplifying intermodal concept in the process as:

  • It offers premium and guaranteed intermodal services for time-sensitive freights.
  • It performs value pricing for lower-value freights, and various types of equipment and service options.
  • The company promises on-time pickup and delivery, thanks to its contracts with distinguished Drayage providers.
  • More importantly, seasoned customer service personnel rigorously oversee each shipment to ensure consistent and trusted performance, which customers expect from the transportation program.


Take Advantage of BIREEX’s Intermodal Services

BIREEX LOGISTICS provides intermodal services to many world-renowned companies and brands by transporting thousands of trailers, finished goods, and industrial and consumer goods every day. Contact BIREEX LOGISTICS to learn more regarding the benefits of intermodal transportation.

Intermodal transportation allows for route changes and reduces highway use. There are many significant advantages to intermodal transport: less noise pollution; more reliable delivery time notifications; elimination of traffic and customs processes on the highway; leaner planning processes; fixed departure schedules; higher quality service standards; and easier planning and support for large-scale projects.





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