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Domestic Distribution

With an extensive service network, BIREEX LOGISTICS successfully manages distribution operations and material collection from suppliers for international chains, world giants in sporting goods, and many leading brands in the electronics, healthcare, and automotive industries. BIREEX LOGISTICS meets all requirements, regardless of the industry or product type, and is its customers’ most vital solution and business partner – thanks to the business models it develops.

Regular Daily Distribution

BIREEX LOGISTICS, a leading logistics industry company, meets customers’ requirements fully by providing regular daily distribution services – thanks to its network of branches, European network, and large fleet which supports its import-export transportation.

Measurable Solutions for National Distribution Customers from BIREEX LOGISTICS

BIREEX LOGISTICS offers superior and measurable solutions with a specialist team, a network of branches, and technological solutions to meet all requirements in the national distribution channel for many customers in diverse industries.

Technology Difference in Every Step of Service

BIREEX LOGISTICS employs state-of-the-art technology in every step of the solutions it develops in line with customers’ requirements, clearly distinguishing itself through pioneering investments.

Greatest Supporter of Customers

BIREEX LOGISTICS offers company-specific solutions with the new business models it develops based on customers’ expectations, seeking to become the greatest supporter of customers by using their resources effectively.


To address customer needs and expectations, BIREEX’s domestic distribution transportation solutions come in Full and Partial service options based on product volume.

BIREEX’s Flexible Solutions to Changing Demands through Partial Services in Domestic Distribution

Compared to full transportation, partial transportation is a more flexible option due to the frequency of departure days. It is an effective method to provide solutions which meet customers’ changing requirements.



As a major player in the Domestic Distribution industry, BIREEX LOGISTICS provides customers with smart solutions which make life simpler. It manages operations with the Quadro software developed by its own IT team. The company offers smart technological solutions which simplify life with a vehicle tracking system, online information flow, and web-based reporting.




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