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For industries such as construction, electric, fuel and gas, mining, and civil engineering, BIREEX LOGISTICS transports heavy, bulky, and out-of-gauge loads on time and within budget. BIREEX LOGISTICS, with an experienced team of specialists and a reliable and strong network of partners, formulates and implements scenarios in line with the needs of its customers.

Project Transportation

BIREEX LOGISTICS renders project transportation services, transporting heavy, bulky, and out-of-gauge loads on time and within budget. The company offers trackable costs through a transparent price policy for customers – creating solutions based on customer requirements.

Industry-Specific Solutions for All Matters and Processes

BIREEX LOGISTICS offers project transportation services for such industries as energy, industry, construction, petroleum, gas, and mining. It devises business plans by creating customer need-based solutions with a seasoned team of professionals and a reliable and robust partner network, and implements the solutions by developing resource management strategies.

End-to-end Project Transportation from BIREEX LOGISTICS

While offering its customers project transportation services, BIREEX LOGISTICS also provides them with support in foreign trade regulation support with local information.

BIREEX’s project transportation services include multimodel/combination and heavy cargo solutions, storage and transfer solutions, lashing, material fixing and packaging, order monitoring, crane, survey and cargo insurance, document flow (post-delivery) CMR and FBL, and route survey.


Need-Based Solutions in Project Transportation

BIREEX LOGISTICS takes into consideration the criteria such as transit times, product specification, departure and arrival destination to offer its customers suitable road, air, maritime, railway, and Intermodal transportation options. As part of project transportation, BIREEX LOGISTICS, also, handles port operations and crane arrangements.


Live Animals

Animals have been transported by air for almost a century and in today's modern world, transportation of live animals by air is considered the most humane and expedient method of transportation over long distances. No matter if it is a pet, an animal transported for zoological or agricultural purposes or for any other reason, the objective of BIREEX LOGISTICS is to ensure all animals are transported safely and comfortably. We know your pets and animals are important to you and we want to make sure that you feel entirely comfortable when it comes to transport them. IATA sets the standards for the transportation of live animals and BIREEX LOGISTICS strictly observes these regulations which are to ensure that live animals are handled and transported in such a way that their welfare is top of mind by all parties involved and that they always travel in safe, healthy conditions.



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