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BIREEX LOGISTICS identifies the issues, expectations, and logistic requirements of customers, and provides tailor-made solutions to add value to their businesses. To provide customers with cost-efficient, high quality solutions, BIREEX LOGISTICS monitors developments in warehousing technologies and implements state-of-the-art automation solutions to existing processes. This ensures a more agile and low-cost approach to fluctuations in demand, along with the greater efficiency of a smaller workforce.



Efficient Project Management Through Experience

BIREEX LOGISTICS considers project management to be its basic activity. Therefore, it plans and executes each exclusive solution as a unique project. The scope, aim, target, success criteria, and responsibilities of the project are carefully planned down to the last detail. Sources are managed in a cost- and time- effective manner in order to reach given targets.

Operation Management and Organization

BIREEX LOGISTICS on-site organizational structure has two main components. The first is the operation group, which includes planners, managers, and executors of the operation. The second is the support units, which include experts who provide indirect support to the operation.



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