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Fast and Efficient Warehouse Solutions

Ekol offers two main services at its warehouses at various locations.These services include warehousing during the customs clearance process and the preparation and shipment of orders for the transit trade on request.


Highest Efficiency with Lowest Resource Use at Distribution Centers

Customers from various industries are served under a single umbrella at shared warehouses. BIREEX’s staff is highly equipped with industry-specific know-how. When combined with the synergy of shared warehouses and flexible costs and operations, BIREEX LOGISTICS can address our customers’ various needs. 

Robust Production Logistics Solutions

BIREEX LOGISTICS offers on-site production logistics services including: feeding and storing raw material synchronized with the production line, feeding and storing consumables and packaging materials, picking end products from production lines for delivery to the distribution center, and managing the flow of materials between various units of the factory.



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