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Customs Clearance Solutions


Customs Clearance Solutions

Customs Clearance Solutions

BIREEX LOGISTICS provides customers with the most suitable customs clearance solutions based on their requirements. BIREEX’s customs clearance service solutions include follow-up on permit documents, foreign trade consulting, outsourcing, and advanced reporting.


Permits and Foreign Trade Consulting

The company follows up on and finalizes all necessary permits and documents for foreign trade operations.

It provides instant and up-to-date information on changing legislative provisions and practices in an easy-to-understand manner.



By placing experienced BIREEX LOGISTICS teams in the foreign trade departments of companies, it establishes the communication which allows rapid completion of foreign trade operations. BIREEX’s highly knowledgeable team members, also, keep track of the operations.


Advanced Reporting System in Customs Clearance Processes

BIREEX’s advanced information technologies create flexible, need-based modules that meet all customer expectations for customs clearance processes.



BIREEX LOGISTICS examines the specifications of products which are subject to foreign trade regulations and creates appropriate customs tariff schedule accordingly.


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