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Healthcare Logistics


Biotechnology is the fastest growing healthcare industry segment. It has created hundreds of new therapies and vaccines, making their way through the supply chain in an attempt to reach consumers.  Seeking for alternatives to face the challenges and also to focus on their core competencies, life science companies are driven to outsource logistics services. BIREEX LOGISTICS offers transportation services tailor-made to life sciences organisations for their temperature controlled and time sensitive shipments of specimens, blood, tissue, infectious materials and live animals. It offers door-to-door seamless transportation and supply chain management in dry-ice, ambient and temperature controlled boxes in Australia, New Zealand, the Americas, Africa and Europe. It is a complex logistics operation that requires deep understanding and planning, not only of imports, shipping and handling but also of the complex international regulatory standards.


Pharma products enter a complex supply chain that involves several steps and handoffs from the clinical trial materials collection to final product distribution. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies follow strict standards for packing, labelling, transportation, storage and documentation, particularly when shipping biological or hazardous materials. In the life sciences sector, logistics has become a strategic issue due to market share declines, margin erosion, value chain cost inefficiencies and regulatory compliance requirements.


BIREEX LOGISTICS understands what is needed with dedicated Pharma and Life Science Managers. So, the products we carry are handled and kept in the condition and temperature range set by the manufacturers. We offer a specially designed product using the latest equipment, processes and SOP’s to keep it’s integrity and make sure it arrives in the quickest possible time, following the latest compliance guidelines.


Key highlights:

  • Prioritized ground handling and loading – maximum of 40 mins to/from aircraft to cool facility
  • Temperature controlled storage (+2 to +8°C and +15 to +25°C)
  • Dedicated Temp-Check customer service team
  • Temperature controlled containers for sea shipments
  • Pre-cooled thermo blanket protection – to/from aircraft to cool facility
  • Temperature controlled cargo hold in aircraft with captains [or flight crew] notified.
  • Trained and experienced ground handling
  • Convenient connections to over 100 destinations








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