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BIREEX LOGISTICS, an integrated logistics company founded in 2008, provides best-in-class international freight, warehousing, domestic distribution, foreign trade, customs, and supply chain management services in Europe, America, Asia and Middle East.

BIREEX’s business model is bolstered by technological inspiration which blends mind, heart and consciousness while constantly offering customers integrated, interconnected and innovative solutions. BIREEX LOGISTICS is always one step ahead and it never settles for good enough. This boosts our customers’ accomplishments and creates environmental, financial, and social benefits.

In fulfilling its promises, BIREEX LOGISTICS derives greatest strength from its workforce and its powerful distribution network. A multinational team -wholly dedicated to delivering impeccable customer satisfaction – plays a vital role in BIREEX’s success story.


Creating inspirational and sustainable value with our customers. 


For us, imagination is a true “treasure” and the method, with which you preserve this source, is crucial. All new and fresh initiatives contribute spirit to our imagination. We appetite for novel, value-add initiatives creating competitiveness and generating new opportunities for our customers.


Can-Do Culture

We are confident and shall never give up when faced with challenges. We owe our business success to working efficiently and our strong will to achieve all. As a team with our high motivation, passion and positive attitude, we can implement the most ideal solutions for our customers.



Our customers come first. We hold great respect for our customers and their achievements. This respect also extends to the environment, and the society. Ethical values are essential for us. As responsible citizens, we are accountable for our actions and we are well-aware of the fact that this is the only path to a sustainable future for everyone.



We show empathy in our interactions with individuals – our customers, colleagues and the world at large. Our people are our most precious building-block in value creation and goal accomplishment. We believe that sincerity is a golden key to open any door, and we are fortunate to be in possession of it.

Our Manifest

Being “good enough” has never been sufficient for us. Our belief in continuous and dynamic transformation guides us to growth and development every day. We are aware of the fact that any other means cannot lead to success.

We bring a new perspective to the logistics industry by integrating mind, heart and consciousness through our business practices comprising our experience and know-how.

We continue to inspire our industry by engaging cutting-edge technology to offer advanced solutions to our customers alongside our understanding of excellent service.

For us, people come first. We do forge ahead – determined through the strength of our people – so that we are able to understand each other more efficiently, protect our common values, and meet our goals.

Believing that our customers deserve the best, we provide each and every one with excellent service in all that we do. At the forefront of our minds is the fact that success of our customers is our own success.

We carry out novel ideas with our positive attitude, allowing us to overcome any challenge and become stronger with every advance.

We know there is no obstacle we cannot overcome if we work hard with passion.

Our intimate commitment to ethical values and sustainability not only guides us to change the future of the logistics industry, but also to transform the world.


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