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Ethics & Sustainability

BIREEX LOGISTICS considers sustainability as a core value and goal in its company strategy, and believes in the importance of leadership in this regard. BIREEX LOGISTICS prioritizes novel sustainability solutions for its customers in an environmentally conscious manner, offering services in line with both its economic and social responsibilities.

To successfully implement its strategy and achieve its goals, BIREEX LOGISTICS relies on the services it provides, cooperation with stakeholders, and the awareness and performance of its employees.

Economic Sustainability: The fundamental elements of BIREEX’s economic sustainability are operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and industry investments. As a leader of the industry, one of BIREEX’s central goals is to carry out its work with optimum efficiency. Boosting operational productivity plays a crucial role in satisfying customers and increasing profitability. To this end, BIREEX LOGISTICS constantly engages in continuous improvement and development activities.


Social Sustainability: Employee satisfaction is at the forefront of the company’s social sustainability targets. This is due the fact that as BIREEX LOGISTICS is aware that its employees are its most valuable resource. BIREEX LOGISTICS follows the latest advances in the industry, and places importance on training as a way to integrate developments. It organizes both in-house and external training programs to ensure employees keep up-to-date with changes in the field.


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